CD Review: Abandoned By Bears – “The Years Ahead” (Victory)

With shredding riffs, pissy snarls and perhaps as much razor sharp melodies and gang vocals as you can possibly cram into a dozen tracks, The Years Ahead, the latest release from Victory Records’ newest signee Abandoned By Bears, might call to mind a slew of bands that have come before them, be assured that these Swedish purveyors of easycore are anything but a mere carbon copy. The Years Ahead stays true to ‘core form, occupying an area that falls somewhere between bouncy radio-ready candor, the type you most often hear in desolate Warped Tour parking lots (“Good Luck Next Year,” “No Rush”) and destructive, vitriol-fueled pit inducers (“Out Of Bounds,” “True Colors”). The standout “Act As If” offers the best of both worlds, devolving from an introspective ballad into pure mayhem, while the penultimate “Bad Luck” sounds like Motion City Soundtrack and Four Strong got together and had a sonic baby and the closer “Compromise” introduces some djent-y riffs into the mix. As we careen towards summer, it’s time to get those warm weather soundtracks in order – you know the ones. Just makes sure you leave some space for Abandoned By Bears because The Years Ahead is fun as hell.

Grade: B+

Go Download: “Bookmarks”