CD Review: Drowning Pool – “Hellelujah” (eOne Music)

Drowning Pool has never been a band to rest on their prior accomplishments (“Bodies” anyone?) or tragic past (RIP Dave Williams - we miss you brother). They’ve long had the ability to pick themselves up by their boot straps and move on. Now onto their sixth album, the band finally seems ready to fully embrace what the future holds, beginning with Hellelujah. Perhaps closest in nature to the band's sophomore album Desensitized, Hellelujah is the band's most aggressive entry to date. Moreno’s gravelly aggro tone lends itself well to the band's seemingly renewed vigor, replete with down-tuned shreds, rumbling bass lines and thunderous drumming (“All Saints Day” is as anthemic as it is crushing, “Push” transitions from caustic barbs to melody refrains, “By The Blood” and “Hell To Pay” are classic Drowning Pool, the venomous “We Are the Devil” is immediately one of the band's heaviest tracks, “Snake Charmer” manages to be both menacing and bouncy with just the right amount of swag). While “Another Name” may not be “Tear Away” or “37 Stitches,” its chill Alice in Chains vibe is a highlight of the album. Hellelujah is an emphatic stamp, an exclamation point if you will. Now let's just hope this iteration of the band is here to stay and we're standing on the precipice of long and beautiful relationship.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Snake Charmer”