CD Review: Shreddy Krueger – “Deeper Darker” (Invogue Records)

Shreddy Krueger’s Deeper Darker is a straight syringe of espresso into the veins (especially on the visceral 1:23 long opening title track). The bands sophomore release is a steady stream of atmospheric metalcore that leans towards post-hardcore more often than not thanks to ambidextrous vocals from frontman Jordan Chase, whose ability to transition from  lofty refrains to crushing edicts is uncanny (“Ouija,” “Deadman's Creek,” “Amber Waves”). Elsewhere on the record, “Heathen” is out-and-out caustic, “Dread” is a shred-tastic smattering of spastic vocals and swirling, frenzied guitar attacks, “Iceland” opts for more of a Circa Survive Juturna-sounding straight forward melodic approach. And finally, closer “Father's Hand” is an entrancing encapsulation of Deeper Darker on the whole. Even though Deeper Darker is far from groundbreaking sonically, it should make a welcome addition to your album rotation.

Grade: C+
Go Download: “Heathen”