CD Review: Foreveratlast – “Ghosts Again” (Victory)

Sophomore slump be damned. Foreveratlast’s Ghosts Again, an explosive smattering of nostalgic mid-aughts anthemic punk reminiscent of Aiden, I Am Ghost and Story of the Year, casts off any such predeterminations almost immediately. Ghosts Again is brash and unapologetic, sunset strip and Motley Crue-esque (“Mr. Whitecoat”), though for the most part the album is all about driving emphatic riffs and pristine hooks making for one soaring anthem after another ("Bad Blood," "Ghosts in the Attic," "The Observatory," "The Cardboard Rule"). While frontwoman Brittany Paris channels All We Know Is Falling-era Hayley Williams on tracks like "Machines" and "One and the Same," Foreveratlast is not your typical female fronted band, no, they're oh so much more. If you're a longtime post hardcore fan then this record will bring a smile to your face.

Grade: A-
Go Download: "Echoes of Secrets"