CD Review: Ferris and the Wheels – “Ferris and the Wheels”

Groove laden and guitar driven, the nostalgic 90s rock of Ferris and the Wheels’ self-titled EP plays as well in today's alt-rock renaissance as it would have back in 1994. This eponymous EP is bombastic and anthemic (“Stuck in This Dam Hole”), brazen and explosive (“I Got Something”) (think Concord America or Nada Surf) and even quirky and irreverent at times (“Typical”). “Mania” is bouncy surf with heavy metal interludes (double bass kick drum and shredding guitars), while the record wraps up in pretty grandiose fashion with “Found It,” a Pink Floyd-esque rocker that devolves into a cacophonous mix of soaring guitars and crashing cymbals. At six tracks, Ferris and the Wheels is still about one track too long, though that shouldn’t be a deterrent when it comes to giving this EP a spin. 

Grade: B-

Go Download: “Mania”