CD Review: Pillow Talk – “What We Should Have Said” (Animal Style)

It’s clear that Pillow Talk are fans of The Cure. Look no further than “Bend,” the instrumental opening tryst of the Nashville quintets’ What We Should Have Said EP, an endearing initial salvo that sounds plucked from the cutting room floor of The Cure’s Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me or Disintegration recording sessions. At a terse five songs, What We Should Have Said plays like a short highlight reel (“Make You Real” is a Cure-meets-Brand New lullaby of jangly guitars and jilted melodies, an ardent low end permeates the dense fog of “Heaven Sent,” “Room” is beautiful melancholia, “Escape Me” is a hazy journey that ebbs and flows amid discordant atmospheres and nuanced strains); an EP whose only pitfall is it’s length. Always leave them wanting more as they say, something Pillow Talk has done, and then some, because What We Should Have Said is a delicious appetizer of an album.

Grade: B+

Go Download: “Room”