CD Review: In Your Memory – “Reflections”

Even though it only clocks in at a three-song clip, In Your Memory’s Reflections manages to get better track-by-track as the band impeccably meld the worlds of post-hardcore, pop-punk and happy hardcore, a sound not much different from that of, say, A Day To Remember or Four Year Strong. Opening with the tremendously ADTR-esque “Layers Of Lies,” Reflections is all killer no filler from start to finish (yes, the fact that it’s only 3 songs helps, but when those 3 songs are really good it doesn’t matter the length, right?); a steady amalgamation of non-stop chugging riffs, deep grooves, explosive drum work and memorable hooks that makes for a trio of standouts, including “Breaking Habits,” perhaps the track that best suits frontman Omar Veras’ vast vocal range. In Your Memory save the best for last with “Karma,” the heaviest track of the bunch thanks to a chunky guitar/drum dynamic that sends the EP out on high note. All in all, Reflections clocks in at only 10 minutes and who doesn’t have ten minutes to spare? In Your Memory is a band you need to get on your radar. 

Grade: B+

Go Download: “Breaking Habits”