CD Review: Alien Ant Farm – “Always and Forever” (Executive Music)

Perhaps the best thing about Alien Ant Farm’s fifth studio album, and first in nine years, Always and Forever, is that AAF is back and they are making music again, especially now that fellow quirk merchants Foxy Shazam have called it a day. But even then, before there was a Foxy, before there was a Ludo even, the true kings of quick-rock were AAF, and with Always and Forever they have returned to claim their throne. “Burning” is the best Foxy Shazam songs not written by Foxy Shazam, “Sympatico” is roaring sing-along bliss; just a few of the many times across Always and Forever that that vintage AAF – explosive guitars bursts, deep bass line, spastic drumming and caustic vocals - rears its welcomed head (“Yellow Pages,” “Better Weather”). “Homage” is an ambitious ballad with hints of latter day The Killers and My Chemical Romance thanks to grandiose hooks and lasting melodies, making for a nice break from the norm on Always and Forever. There’s a bit of a drag in the latter half of the record but luckily the album concludes on a high note with “Dirty Bomb.” When it comes to Always and Forever, one thing is certain - this album is fun. There’s absolutely no denying that.

Grade: B+

Go Download: “Let Em Know”