CD Review: Post Season/Such A Mess – “Greetings From…” (Common Ground Records)

Like a stiff double shot of espresso, or a Caffè Americano for you caffeine addicts, Post Season and Such A Mess’ Greetings From… split EP is a Napoleonic blast of powerful pop-punk, exploding out of the gates with Post Season for a pair, setting the bar high early on with “Backroads,” a fiery opener full of razor sharp riffs and blazing hooks that Knuckle Puck would love to call their own. The following “Never Tell Me The Odds” follows suit, albeit at a slightly tempered pace, before Such A Mess opt for the punk side of pop-punk with the Warped Tour-ready “Tether.” On the closing “Keep To Myself (In F Sharp Minor),” the Los Angeles quintet leans more towards post-hardcore than anything else, admirably rounding out Greetings From... with an emotionally stirring offering you’d be more likely to hear from say, Circa Survive, than anything else. Greetings From… is short, sweet and to the point, and while this EP may be a lot of things, one thing it is not is boring.      

Grade: B

Go Download: “Backroads”