CD Review: Well Kept Things – “Homegrown” (Antique Records)

Just as Well Kept Things reminisce about youthful indiscretions on Homegrown, the feel and sound of their latest EP is reminiscent of early Brand New, Jimmy Eat World and Copeland; a raw, passionate sound that Drive Thru Records would have been clamoring to have on their roster back in the day. On Homegrown, the Buffalo, New York quintet combines heart-on-sleeve emotionality with infectious, permeating hooks that leave a mark on the psyche (“Great White North,” “New Jersey”), channel Sunny Day Real Estate on opener “Traffic Jam” and deliver an all-around gem on “Younger,” one of the EP’s true standout offerings. And the fact that a five-song EP has more than one standout tracks is really saying something. The strained vocal refrains of Cullen Dedrick, intricate yet somehow delicate guitar work of Charlie Rumfola, Christian Adams and Kody Fintak and impassioned drum work by Devin Jeffery; on Homegrown, it all just works, well, very well in fact. 

Grade: A-

Go Download: “Great White North”