CD Review: The Unknown – “Album One”

Former OneRepublic member Tim Myers is a musical chameleon. Turning on a dime, quite literally, from his recently released expansive and atmospheric The Year, Myers is back with a rollicking rock and roll opus in Album One, the debut release from his new outfit The Unknown. Album One is a mixed bag of diversity; at one moment, jangly guitars and braggadocios hooks fuel stomping garage rockers (“Are You Ready For Me?” “Come & Get It,” “Lust For the Rush”), while in the next Queen-meets-The Killers in submersive electro-pop (“Battle Line,” “Bad,” “On the Edge”). Perhaps the crowning achievement of Album One is the fact that The Unknown manage to make all of these different sounds somehow work together in unison. With albums like The Year and now Album One with The Unknown, it’s a wonder what Tim Myers will do next – something adventurous no doubt.    

Grade: B-
Go Download: “Battle Line”