The Relapse Symphony – “Born to Burn” (Standby Records)

To steal an old cliché, third times a charm, an apt way to view The Relapse Symphony’s sophomore album Born to Burn. The band’s debut EP Time’s Running Out was good, their debut full length Shadows was better and Born to Burn, their second LP, is flat out great. Born to Burn is one part pop metal, one part glam rock, one part pop punk and all awesome; an all-killer no-filler thrill ride that shows nothing even remotely close to a sophomore slump. Pissed and brash angst-ridden anthems (“The Perfect Lie,” “Born to Burn,” “Terror Generation”) pair effortlessly with heart pounding, chest thumping pop metal (“The Bitter End,” “Dirty Little Tricks,” “Goodnight, Goodbye”) to give Born to Burn its unique dynamic. The bravado and swagger of the sunset strip circa-1986 “Die Alone” will have you thinking you’re hearing the next incarnation of Motley Crue and hell, there’s a very good chance that when Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria this is the record he envisioned We Are Harlot releasing. Born to Burn is an impressive record to say the least. We can now officially remove the next big thing tag from the Relapse Symphony because the ascension is over. With Born to Burn the Relapse Symphony has arrived. It must really suck to be any other band releasing an album this year.

Grade: A+
Go Download: “The Bitter End”