CD Review: Radiodrone – The Truth Syndicate Diaries

For most, nu-metal isn’t a fondly remembered genre. Granted there are some who look back at the sonic movement through rose colored glasses, but those who do are certainly few and far in-between. One such member of that latter collective is Orange County’s Radiodrone, flag bearers for the mini-renaissance the oft-maligned genre is currently enjoying. From the opening Drowning Pool-inspired riffs of “Game Change,” the band’s latest offering The Truth Syndicate Diaries, a concept album that sees Radiodrone as the voice of the voiceless, a mouthpiece ‘for the people rather than the corporations and politicians and leaders that are running on their own agenda,’ according to frontman Ethan Hedayat, who decidedly sounds akin to Fozzy’s Chris Jericho time and time again on The Truth Syndicate Diaries. This is a record loaded to the hilt with churning guitars, heavy grooves and chugging melodies (“Want It Back,” “NeverLoution,” “Showdown,” “Double Think”), though “Massive” tempers the pace to allow for a moment of clarity. The Truth Syndicate Diaries doesn’t escape nu-metal clichés however, including having just one ballad amidst an agitating sea of stomping entries and having 22 tracks, half of which are actual songs. Still, the guitars throughout The Truth Syndicate Diaries utterly rip, “Battle Call” is a true gem and the bands impression of Godsmack on “We’re Alright” is pretty spot on. If Ozzfest were still a thing, Radiodrone would be a perfect fit. 

Grade: B
Go Download: “Get Your Head Down”