CD Review: The Maine – “American Candy”

The Maine is a lesson in sonic evolution. Having long since transcended the world of powerpop (IE We the Kings, Boys Like Girls), a fact hammered home on their moody release Forever Halloween, the band have left the past in the past and moved onto to something more akin to Maroon 5 or Augustana on their fifth studio release American Candy. ‘To be honest I am full of shit/But that’s alright because everyone else that I know is’ frontman John O'Callaghan sings on “Diet Soda Society,” one of the many radio ready pop rock moments American Candy has to offer (“English Girls,” “Same Suit, Different Tie,” “Am I Pretty?”). Fans of Forever Halloween will want to proceed immediately to the somber “24 Floors,” a gloomy narrative about the contemplation of suicide (’24 floors/Up in some hotel room/Feeling so low/Thinking of jumping soon/Look up and see the stars/Look down at speeding cars/Think of my family/How they’ll remember me,’ O'Callaghan waxes – apologies in advance if you find yourself tearing up). If American Candy is any indication, it would seem The Maine is enjoying the independent lifestyle because they haven’t sounded better.

Grade: B
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