CD Review: Del Paxton/Gulfer – “Split” (Topshelf Records)

Buffalo’s Del Paxton kicks off the four song Split, delivering mathy early-emo-meets-indie-rock (“Paline,” “Bad Batch”), sounding a bit like as if Brand New and Bayside hooked up and produced an illegitimate love child who turned out to be a savant who loved intricate song structures (OK, we get it, that’s merely a hypothetical situation…at least we think…). And if these preceding two tracks didn’t lull you into a math-induced coma, the proceeding pair certainly will, as the Gulfer portion of Split will put listeners through an aural ringer thanks to a cacophonous myriad of layered guitars and elaborate time signatures (“F’real For Real” is pure math rock with riffs flying all over the damn place, “Bob Abate” is at times maddening and exasperating). Split is a nice little introduction to two bands from opposite sides of border (Gulfer calls Montreal home), one that clocks in at the perfect length. It’s time to expand your horizons.   

Grade: B-
Go Download: “Bad Batch”