CD Review: Bonz – “Broken Silence” (Eternal Sound)

While perhaps unfair to at least one band involved in the following comparison (*cough* *cough* Body Count *cough* *cough*), Bonz, a new rap metal (yes, rap metal in 2015) outfit featuring Stuck Mojo’s original throat Bonz and Curt Taylor of Primer 55, sounds like a mash up of modern day (hed) P.E. and Body Count on their debut release Broken Silence. While this record is nostalgic for about five minutes upon first listen, that warm and fuzzy feeling quickly fades amidst a bombardment of like-sounding tracks that just get lost in the shuffle (“Comes Over Me,” “Sour Diesel,” “Broken Silence”). Broken Silence does however manage to offer a small modicum of redeeming qualities via some few and far between songs that are just plain fun as all hell (“Sinister Grin,” “GodShine,” “Bad News”). But, unfortunately, the former outshines the latter on Broken Silence, which makes for a moderately intriguing listen at best.   

Grade: C-
Go Download: “Take It Personal”