CD Review: Tear Out the Heart – “Dead, Everywhere” (Victory Records)

While the heavy verse-clean hook dynamic has been done to death these days, Tear Out the Heart manage to keep things interesting enough on their sophomore studio entry Dead, Everywhere. There’s plenty of that tried and true metalcore sound to be found throughout – you know the type – shredding vocals that turn on a dime and relentless guitars counteracted by gang vocals and sing-a-long choruses (“Feel Real,” “Damage Control,” “Curse You”). But TOTH succeed where others often fail because Dead, Everywhere is not simple mosh, rinse, mosh, repeat; “Breaking Through” is mitigated bliss, a tempered monster that holds its own amidst the turbulent sea of punishing riffs, lead throated barks and tidal wave percussion; “Viking Funeral” is the definition of a slow burn; the penultimate “Incomplete” is a post-hardcore delight that’s both lofty and expansive, a sound that nearly doesn't fit on Dead, Everywhere. Don’t judge a book by its cover; Dead, Everywhere is a worthwhile listen, one worthy of at least an initial spin.     

Grade: B-
Go Download: “Breaking Through”