CD Review: Ill Nino - "Till Death, La Familia" (Victory Records)

After a few years of metal exile and a few forgettable albums (namely 2010’s Dead New World and 2012’s Epidemia), Latin metallers Ill Nino have emerged from the void with Till Death, La Familia, their seventh studio release, a refreshing record that represents a return to form for a band whom many thought best years were behind them. Till Death, La Familia is easily the bands best record since 2003’s Confession, and after a number of spins, it might be even better. Chugging, unremitting riffs, immersive hooks and Cristian Machado’s near unparalleled melodically-charged brutal vocal delivery make for a number of standout moments (“Live Like There's No Tomorrow,” “Not Alive In My Nightmare”), the best of which comes in the form of “I’m Not the Enemy,” a stomper that sounds plucked from a Five Finger Death Punch setlist. “Blood Is Thicker Than Water” offers a tempered break from the norm with big choruses and atmospheric underpinnings, but rest assured that Till Death, La Familia bites as hard as it barks (“Are We So Innocent” is metalcore bliss, “Pray I Don’t Find You” sounds like a b-side from their revered debut Revolution Revolucion, “World So Cold” is a fun nu-metal throwback, “Payaso” is a pure shit sharter). If nothing else, Till Death, La Familia makes Ill Nino look and feel relevant again, which is a good thing for all of us.  

Grade: A-
Go Download: “I’m Not The Enemy”