CD Review: Drowning Pool - "Sinner 13th Unlucky Anniversary Deluxe Edition" (Bicycle Music)

Given Drowning Pool’s revolving door of frontmen since his untimely and tragic passing, there’s something so comfortable about hearing the voice of Dave ‘Stage’ Williams again. Williams was a true showman in every sense of the world, and honestly, there’s no better way to revisit the bands seminal debut full length Sinner than with him leading the charge. From the unforgettable opening cavalcade of guitars of “Sinner,” the timeless hit single “Bodies” and the heartbreakingly endearing “Tear Away” to deeper cuts such as the Mike Luce-led “Mute”(seriously the albums best drum work), the searing “Pity” and scathing “Told You So,” Sinner is a true aural treasure that stands the test of time. The contrast between the original Sinner closer “Sermon” and its demo counterpart which opens this sets’ second disc is startling. The latter half of Sinner 13th Unlucky Anniversary Deluxe Edition plays host to early versions of the lead riff of “Bodies” (“You Made Me”), “Tear Away” (“Care Not”) and “Pity” (“Mask”) as well as the entire six-song set off the bands elusive debut EP Pieces Of Nothing (including a rough version of “Tear Away” which features the line ‘how does it feel to feel like shit just like I do,’ which would be later changed to ‘how does it feel to feel like this’ but sung the original way by Williams live). Sinner 13th Unlucky Anniversary Deluxe Edition also features the White Pony-era Deftones-esque “Soul” and “Heroes Sleeping,” the two last known original recordings Williams lent his vocals to. And if all of that wasn’t enough, there’s no better way to end this collection than with Williams asking for a PBR after the final song concludes. Sinner 13th Unlucky Anniversary Deluxe Edition is an extensive trip down memory lane, but it’s far greater than a simple dose of nostalgia.

Grade: A
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