CD Review: If I Were You - "The Sleepless" (Manifest Records)

The Sleepless really hits its stride with single “Memories,” a stunning offering that puts the very best of If I Were You on display – combining explosive, spastic riffs and guttural barks with soaring vocals and driving, angular melodies, all laid atop a bed of non-offensive synth-led electronics. This formula continues to shine as The Sleepless progresses (“Moving On,” “Finding Home”), though the album is far better of when the band focuses on the lighter side of the coin (“Fading Away” feat. Shannon Egan), because when stray too far the other way (“Made New”) they just end up sounding like Cursed Sails, Woe, Is Me or really any band of the like. The album doesn’t really fade down the stretch either, as the tandem of “Illusion of Leadership” and “System Failure” are two of best offerings off of the Sleepless, an album that should easily find a home in your daily record rotation.    

Grade: B-

Go Download: “Memories”