CD Review: Heartist - "Feeding Fiction" (Roadrunner Records)

Representing the next wave of talented metal acts to emerge from California’s Orange County (Bleeding Through, Ignite, Avenged Sevenfold),  Heartist has the most in common with one OC act in particular, Atreyu, as the band’s debut full length Feeding Fiction emulates an amalgam of the latter’s final two records, Lead Sails Paper Anchor and Congregation of the Damned. Explosive bouts of melodic clarity are chased with shots of striking riffs and towering guitars (“What Kind of World,” “Demons,” “Pressure Point, “Manipulate”), but there's more sonic gold to be mined throughout Feeding Fiction (the powerful earnest songwriting of “Skeletons,” “Ready to Change” could easily be a Hell or Highwater track, “Black Cloud” is both fun and anthemic). Feeding Fiction is a statement record to say the least. 

Grade: A-
Go Download: “Pressure Point”