CD Review: A Failed Apology - "This Past Year"

On their latest EP soiree This Past Year, pop-punk merchants A Failed Apology are, at times, more punk than pop (“This Past Year...,” “Say It, I Love You”) thanks to punchy guitars and driving rhythms, though there are instances when the pop outweighs the punk (“Keep Your Head Up,” “The Way I Think Of You”) due to severe bouts of call-and-response vocals and unavoidably catchy hooks (the Knuckle Punk and Real Friends shout out in “Keep Your Head Up” is just the icing on the cake). Just as the band did with “Goodbye” on their previous EP The Weekend, A Failed Apology turns down the lights and flips the switch on the breakers on the acoustic “Playing With Fire,” as vocalists Dominic Parisi and James McQuade wear their hearts on their sleeves in the vulnerable, endearing effort, introspectively singing ‘I never thought growing up would be like playing with fire/we’re losing ourselves in the flames’ and ‘no matter how the cards stack/I’ll always have your back/I’ll see you again.’ This Past Year is further proof that A Failed Apology is one of the better kept sonic secrets in the Queen City.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Keep Your Head Up”