CD Review: Artifex Pereo - "Time In Place" (Tooth & Nail Records)

Artifex Pereo’s, culled from a quote from Roman Emperor Nero, Time In Place is avant-garde, dynamic and truly unique. This album is a veritable aural melting pot, evidenced by album opener “No Stranger To Worry,” combining evolving, unpredictable time signatures, progressive vocals, a fondness of theatrics, and layered, fluid guitars. Chances are the end product is something totally different from everything else you’re currently listening to. “Hands of Penance,” which presents what the rest of the album doesn't – discernible song structures, stands as a straight forward beacon, a buoy, amongst an unsettled sea of crashing tidal waves that is Time In Place. “Annica” is a true highlight, but not the only one to be found throughout Time In Place (the charming bounce of “Laugh & The World Laughs With You,” restrained pure emotion of “Liable for Tragedy,” subtle breadth and bulk of “Aperion” and beauty and passion of “The Golden Age” also come to mind). Circa Survive, Forgive Durden, The Fall Of Troy, Glassjaw, Cave In and the list goes on and on - Time In Place calls to mind the prior work of many bands, but this is an album with legs that stands on its own two feet. It needs to be heard to be believed, as strange as that might sound. Time In Place is engaging, albeit an album that requires added time and multiple spins to peels back the layers and truly appreciate all it has to offer. Sure, you may need to put some extra work in, but rest assured that Time In Place is well worth it.

Grade: B+

Go Download: “Annica”