CD Review: Scare Don’t Fear - "From The Ground Up" (KBB Records)

Hip-hop infused metalcore with a vibrant electronic pulse (yes, you read that right) jacks your jaw right from minute 1 on “Shut It Down,” the first of many bangers on Scare Don’t Fear’s From The Ground Up. The swag remains on point throughout (“Rebuild,” “Hustle”) while they manage to employ electronics in a variety of different ways (during “Already Dead” electronic nuances provide a bed for melodic hooks, on “City Of Skeletons” they build a landscape behind punishing guitars and crushing drums). From The Ground Up shines when its unique elements come together in perfect harmony to create a sheer sonic melting pot (“Heavy Collision”). The album gets poppin’ and turnt the hell up in due order when the beats and rapper Chris Jungles take center stage (“Smeone To Talk To,” “Can’t Go Back”). Hell, “Don’t Stop” has as much a home in the club as it does on a Warped Tour stage. From The Ground Up proves that Scare Don’t Fear possess the ability to stand out from the glut of same-sounding bands that inhabit the genre, and you have to hand it to Scare Don't Fear for at least trying something different. In short, this shit bounces.

Grade: B-

Go Download: “Heavy Collision”