To Set Ablaze Sign with Autumn + Colour

Where is Fond du Lac, Wisconsin? We did a little research on this place. It’s located at the bottom of Lake Winnebago. It’s also the 342nd largest metropolitan in the United States. Whatever is going on there, we definitely like it. Obviously there is more going on there than just cheese making. When we first discovered To Set Ablaze we were taken back just slightly. Now they have joined the Autumn +Colour family. To Set Ablaze began in mid-2013 with one goal in mind – to create brutal music. They write songs filled with emotion and passion. They make something worth remembering, with a brutal combination of rhythmic breakdowns and melodic leads.

Today the band is premiering a cool song from the new record called "Years of My Life," which is available as a free download. Use download code: TSAAC0025.

The Life We Lead LP drops on August 5, 2014.

“This song holds a lot of personal references and passion about the last few years of my life. It’s about breaking the trend I have been living, searching for happiness and pulling myself out of depression. It’s also about the end of a 5-year relationship that my depression dragged down, as well as my inability to let people into my life, and the years I struggled to find happiness. If you will.. this song is my coming out to the world, letting everyone know I’m back and I’m going to take life by the balls. I want anyone who is hurting or down to relate to this song, and I want to help them get though everything I have experienced. Years of My Life is filled with sorrow, anger, disappointment and yet relief.” ~Ryan Bortner (vocals)