CD Review: I Can See Mountains - "Gone Beachy"

As fate may have it, rumors of the demise of Buffalo’s quirky powerpop merchants I Can See Mountains have been greatly exaggerated. After playing what many thought to be their farewell show last December, band members Matt Cox and Kevin Hoffman have emerged from the depths with a new EP in Gone Beachy, a three song release that heaps loads of sunshine upon listeners. From the massive opening riff of “My Aquatic,” which features the infectious wordplay and idiosyncratic songwriting that made the band a fan favorite in the first place and the bouncy call-and-response of the Blink-182-esque “She’s My Bobby Orr Pt. II,” to the tongue-in-cheek nostalgia of “Bald” (‘Will I go bald like my Grandpa did/Or will I just end up shaving it’ they sing), as much a radio ready cut as the band has ever put to wax. With Gone Beachy, it’s clear the band hasn’t lost a step, nor their ability to craft a good hook or penchant for melody. Though they’ve been sitting on the sidelines for the better part of six months, I Can See Mountains show no rust on Gone Beachy.    

Grade: B+

Go Download: “Bald”