CD Review: We Were Kids - "Somewhere Back Home"

High octane guitars, caffeine-addled riffs, gritty vocals, and bouncy rhythms provide the crux of We Were Kids pissy four song clip Somewhere Back Home, a hand charging collection of tunes sure to invigorate your eardrums. Somewhere Back Home is more punk than pop and might just be more happy hardcore than anything else (think Four Year Strong, Hit The Lights) with a bluster all its own. Passionate hooks anchor this all-too-brief record, adding more fuel to the fire already provided by strained vocals and militant drumming (“Ankle Biter,” “Life’s Tough, Get A Helmet”). The band loudly proclaims 'when you’re feeling down/we’re here to bust some heads/we will make some noise together/we will knock some heads against the glass/we will bloody up some noses' on standout closer “Goon,” a pure call-and-response vehicle that should elicit strenuous  bouts of crowd participation at each turn. Somewhere Back Home is tight, succinct and straight to the point – would you have your pop-punk any other way?

Grade: B

Go Download: “Goon”