CD Review: Nevada Rose - "Paint Me In Light" (Tragic Hero Records)

A word of advice when it comes to Nevada Rose’s debut full length Paint Me In Light – buckle up. Hell, that might not even be enough. Just, just brace yourself because you are in for one hell of a wild ride. There’s a lot going on here and listeners are thrown directly into the fire during the early stages of Paint Me In Light, a fire comprised of hot and cold vocals toeing the line between shattering screams, gruff bellows and clean-as-a-whistle melodies, churning guitars, persistent drumming, 808’s and show-stopping bass drops riding atop an unstoppable electronic tidal wave (“609,” “Vanity,” “Anchors for Sunsets” (mind the Euro-dance influence)). For the most part Nevada Rose do a good job of balancing punishing metalcore with bouts of out-and-out electronica on Paint Me In Light (“Murals,” “Scars To Prove,” “The Unrest”), though there are times they lean too close to the latter (“I Was Born Single” is nearly a club-banger much in the Breathe Carolina vein, “Riot House” is far too busy for its own good). “Meet Me At Midnight” is stunning and is as close to a potential single as you’ll get on Paint Me In Light, a record that offers something tangibly different in a scene that often features an overabundance of clones and copycats.   

Grade: B

Go Download: “The Unrest”