CD Review: The Nearly Deads - "Invisible Tonight"

The evolution of the Nearly Deads from their very well-received Survival Guide EP to Invisible Tonight, their debut full length, is palpable, evident right off the rip with the intensely mature “I Said,” one of the most powerful tracks you hear this year in the rock world. Enigmatic frontwoman Theresa Jeane, aka TJ, is the linchpin, a sheer force at the helm of this talented powerhouse outfit, and the proof is in the pudding as they say early and often on Invisible Tonight (check out the hook on the album’s title track, and her utterly lofty vocals on “Changeover”). Some of Invisible Tonight  wanders a bit too far into the middle of the road (“Paper Doll,” “Easy Way Out,” “Point of No Return”), but those tracks are nothing more than a blip on the radar of Invisible Tonight, and mostly find themselves buried underneath a number of standout moments, including “In The Morning,” a nervously wound bundle of emotions, the spunky and infectious “You Got Me” (easy to picture droves of fans joining in unison singing this track), the youthful and anthemic “Our Last Adventure,” which has potential single written all over it thanks to introspective lyrics and ardent melodies, and, although it was included on the bands Survival Guide EP, the incredibly potent and emotive “Brave” continues to be a standout on the band’s debut long player. Pardon the bad pun but with Invisible Tonight the Nearly Deads won't be invisible for too much longer.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “I Said”

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