CD Review: Get Busy Living - "All Good Memories Fade"

Catchy power pop meets pissy pop-punk on All Good Memories Fade, the latest EP from Kansas City upstarts Get Busy Living, a record that conjures up all sort of memories (pun intended) of acts such as The Movielife, Houston Calls, Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals. Driving, swirling guitars, gritty passionate vocals, soaring melodies combine to create a contagious bounce in the bands step, a swagger and bravado that cuts through time and time again on All Good Memories Fade, an album that finds the band towing the line between infectious anthems driven by high-ceilinged hooks (“Happily Never After,” “The Last Five Years”) and snarling, fast paced, angsty rippers (“Revolution Summer,” “Unfamiliar”). “Get Up” is also a highlight, and be sure not to miss the fantastically heavy bridge at the end. The bands cover of Lil Wayne's “Lollipop” is considerably lighter than Framing Hanley’s more focused take, a drinking man’s cover that sounds as if it would kill at house parties. Above all else, the boys have fun with the track and if you’re not having fun then you’re clearly doing something wrong. If you’re looking for some fun and want to have a good time pop on Get Busy Living’s All Good Memories Fade and just sit back.

Grade: B
Go Download: “Get Up”