CD Review: Abandon All Ships - "Malocchio" (Rise Records)

Dancefloor metalcore merchants Abandon All Ships are back with Malocchio, their third studio release, and for those who like their metal heavy yet danceable, look no further. Malocchio is a staunch fusion of 808 bumps, Euro-dance interludes and fits of synth-drenched chaos and chugging double bass blasts, a dynamic vocal aesthetic and staccato guitar bursts prone to bouts of EDM lunacy (“Reefer Madness,” “Bloor Street West,” “High Roller”). Hardcores shouldn’t immediately move to dismiss Malocchio either, because as much as these tracks will make you want to grab the nearest shot off the bar and hit the club to rage, there are tunes here that flat out thrash and shred (“Trapped,” “Cowboys,” “Malocchio”). Much of the same could be said of the vocal contributions of frontman Angelo Aita, whose ability to navigate through the cacophony of sound on Malocchio is rather noteworthy. Malocchio is certainly a unique album, and while the infusion of copious synth and electronica might turn off some, it’s better you reserve judgment until you spin it at least once.    
Grade: B
Go Download: “Bloor Street West”