CD Review: Set To Reflect - "Artificial Sun" (Standby Records)

Baton down the hatches, man the battle stations, fasten your seatbelt, double knot your shoelaces. Do whatever you have to do to prepare for what’s in store on Set to Reflect’s debut full length Artificial Sun, because this shit is chaotic. In a very good way. Be warned that from the moment you press play, Artificial Sun is a sonic nuclear bomb, one that explodes mere seconds into opener “Pacing In a Panic Room,” a true harbinger if there ever was one. A sheer frenzied bedlam abounds from there on in; an uncontrolled smattering of disjointed, rampageous guitars, unrestrained, persistent percussion and cathartic, tumultuous vocals (“More Than Familiar,” “I Am The One Who Knocks,” “Cycles”). The pissed off minute-long diatribe “The Only Place To Go From Here Is Back The Way We Came” is a highlight, while Set to Reflect doing their best Every Time I Die impersonation on “Long Lost: Divide” is also a standout. Set To Reflect is young, brash, and talented, and Artificial Sun is just the first step.    

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Preying For Forgiveness”