CD Review: Ways and Means - Microphone Fiend (Reel Me Records)

Words by Leo Cloeson

Boasting over 70 releases in the electro-bass music genre, Ways & Means are one of the most prolific artists currently writing new material. Constantly working on their sound and honing with each new album and EP, Microphone Fiend is clearly the work ethic of an energetic group.

That energy carries over into the music, a mixture of electronica, break beat, hip hop and what they call ‘Tech Funk’ or ‘Glitch Hop,’ a layered cornucopia of sound over ever present electro-rhythms.
In a sense, Microphone Fiend is a release of two halves, with half of the tracks clearly more from the hip-hop school of thought, and the other based on pure electronica. The force and energy of the rap based tracks are impressive, while the electronic side is more minimal and all the more effective for it.

It would be interesting to hear a full album which stuck to either one or the other – a full collection of truly hip hop or a truly electro epic full length. As it is though, Ways and Means are a hard working act that’re merely dipping their toes into their chosen genres, and Microphone Fiend is an album that shows great promise of things to come.

Grade: B