Reviewed! The Nearly Deads - Survival Guide EP

The Nearly Deads
Survival Guide EP
Standby Records

In case of emergency, break glass and quickly grab yourself a copy of The Nearly Deads latest EP Survival Guide EP, because this is one essential item you’ll need in your possession if (when?) there is an outbreak of the T-virus.   

No, that’s not “Scrubs” star Sarah Chalke with microphone in hand, its stunning firebrand Theresa Jeane, affectionately referred to as TJ; a spark plug as the quarterback of this offense and a literal star in the making that shines, nay, burns, brightly early and often, leading the charge on the Survival Guide EP time and time again. Feisty, dynamic entries satiated with towering impassioned hooks propagate this criminally short release (“Brave,” “Never Look Back,” “Fact & Friction”), and if you need a primer in the sheer power and range that TJ possesses, look no further than the closing ‘Reanimated’ version of “Never Look Back.”        

Armed with the Survival Guide EP, The Nearly Deads sound destined to ascend to Paramore’s vacated scene throne. Oh, and one more thing, good luck getting these melodies out of your head when you’re done listening.

Grade: A-
Go Download: “Never Look Back”