Reviewed! Deathpoint - Sinister

STM Records

Never fear metalcore fans - help is on the way for the once mighty, now oft-maligned genre. And help has arrived in the form of Deathpoint and their sophomore album Sinister, a potentially deadly duo that should breathe some life into a genre most often referred to in four-letter words.

Sinister is an album that should fall in line with your existing record collection, safely nestled between your favorite Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall records. The band spends a good portion of Sinister flaunting their ability to blur the lines between the heavy and the harmonious, balancing a sheer undeniable technical prowess fueled by a frenzied, blistering and stunning duel guitar attack (guitarists Henry Joldersma and Tim Ross are the highlight of this album) and vocal delivery that flawlessly transitions between lead throated, scorched earth (“Sick, Sick, Sick,” “Condemned To Suffer,” “Lost Haven”) and intensely, powerfully melodic (“Sinister,” “Remission,” “Thirty Stitches”) from frontman Tom Emmans, who is a true diamond in the rough.           

At only nine tracks, Sinister isn’t a big commitment, especially for one of the more talented up and coming bands on the scene today.

Grade: B
Go Download: “Sinister”