Reviewed! Lacey - Outlaws EP


Outlaws EP

If you like a spot of pop, then think Lacey” reads Lacey’s official biography, a statement that, while true, doesn’t quite encompass the band’s sound. Honestly, it just doesn’t do this Nottingham, UK group justice, and really sells their sound short, especially in terms of their latest release, Outlaws.  

Though it’s merely a four song clip, Lacey bring more than just pop to the table on Outlaws – delectable structures, indelible melodies and a sick proclivity for crafting memorable hooks – but that delicious list is just the tip of the veritable iceberg. Lacey comes out swinging and then saves the best for last on Outlaws thanks to some New Again-era Taking Back Sunday swag (“Hometown,” “Let It Go”), as well as some anthemic moments of sheer call and response bliss (“Burning Out”). Above it all however, the sleeper hit of Outlaws is “Contender,” an emotionally fueled ballad built to be heard over radio airwaves; a track that could be Lacey’s ticket to the top.        

With Outlaws now in their battery, there might not be much standing in the way of Lacey taking the scene by storm. It's high time we all get prepared, because this band could be dangerous. 

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Burning Out”