Reviewed! Beyond Recall - Worldwide Mission EP

Beyond Recall - Worldwide Mission EP

Boundless energy, soaring hooks, gang vocals, and a deathcore breakdown, all things you’ll find in just one song (“We Create”) off of Beyond Recall’s latest EP offering Worldwide Mission, a track that should surely send A Day to Remember fans into a tizzy.

From there on in, Worldwide Mission is something of a slightly mixed bag, shuffling confusing entries such as the dub-step laced “Let’s Drive” that showcases way too much Breathe Carolina (or 3OH!3 to a lesser extent) adoration and the simply lost-in-the-shuffle “Mistakes,” a perfectly fine track plucked from the editing room of Every Avenue’s Shh…Just Go With It, with purely devastating jaunts like the bouncy, yet thoroughly exhilarating “Long Live Liberation” and “(This Mission) The Absolute Insane,” a destructive closer that not only sends this EP out on a VERY high note, but also one that will have you literally on the edge of your seat.        

Worldwide Mission EP is an album that will sound just as good blaring throughout Warped Tour parking lots as it will pumping out of your car as you cruise the highway with the windows down.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Long Live Liberation”