Tragic Hero Records Signs PVRIS

Tragic Hero Records has announced today that they have added Boston band PVRIS (pronounced Paris) to their roster. The band caught the attention of the label after recording their debut self-titled EP with Chris Curran (Handguns, A Loss for Words, Lions Lions) at Apparition Sound Studios.

PVRIS is a four piece rock band from Boston, MA.

“We didn't want to aim for any particular sound,” says Gunnelfson. “We wanted to keep it really gritty and in your face, yet catchy with a sense of grace to it. Beauty and the beast in music form, in a way.”

The group struck a chord with Tragic Hero Records who offered the band a deal in 2013. They were eager to accept the proposal and join the same team as influential acts like A Skylit Drive, Erra, and He Is Legend. The group is currently working on their label debut with Kit Walters (Letlive, A Skylit Drive, Alesana) and Jim Wirt (Incubus, Something Corporate, The Rocket Summer) at Crushtone Studios in Cleveland, OH.