Reviewed! These Hearts - Yours To Take

These Hearts
Yours To Take
Victory Records

Popcore purveyors These Hearts take all the haters to task with their latest offering Yours To Take, an album that builds upon their prior releases, namely 2011’s Forever Ended Yesterday, and steps their game up, a next level sound evident right from the outset with “This is Love,” as These Hearts immediately dig into their contact list to enlist the help of Bert Poncet of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! on the album opener. From there on in, These Hearts aren’t afraid to display their A Day To Remember worship, and to be honest, These Hearts do this whole easycore thing pretty well, bouncing back and forth between chugging, syncopated shredders (“The Inconvenience,” “War,” feat. For Today’s Mattie Montgomery) and introspective pop-punkers (“Psycho,” “Been Through Hell”). These Hearts sound nearly reborn on Yours To Take, and in just two years time since 2011’s Forever Ended Yesterday, these guys sound like an entirely new band, and it’s that willingness and aptitude to adapt that could have These Hearts starting at a much brighter future.

Grade: B
Go Download: “LOTR (Life On the Road)”