My Mouth Is The Speaker Signs with Escapist Records

Escapist Records is extremely excited to announce the signing of Akron, OH indie/punk outfit My Mouth is the Speaker. Since forming in 2008, My Mouth is the Speaker have successfully self-released two EPs and a full-length.

My Mouth is the Speaker draws influence from a wide range of genres, combining the infectious hooks and energy of punk and alternative rock while juxtaposing the nuances and intricacies of emo and post-rock.

When discussing the new material, vocalist/guitarist Danny Palmentera had this to say:

“Writing has and will always be therapy for me; be it about moving on from a bad breakup, moving to Pennsylvania for a year, questioning where I’ll be in five years, or justifying following my dreams. These songs are also about rediscovery and getting back in touch with people and things I fell out of contact with. After losing our keyboard player and a period of minimal hangouts and practice as a band, writing these songs just felt so right. The music and lyrics are on the more aggressive and darker side compared to our previous work. But don't worry it’s still us! Needless to say we are very stoked for people to hear this EP.”

The band will begin recording for the new EP, currently untitled, late this summer.

The band’s A Stunning Example EP can be streamed for free online here: