Death Mercades Sign To Throatruiner Records

With members hailing from various backgrounds (Amanda Woodward, Cowards, L'Homme Puma, Ravi), the 2011-formed Parisian outfit Death Mercades plays a brand of passionate hardcore/punk that is difficult to nail down to a specific genre.

The band's debut full-length Sans Éclat features ten tracks swinging between crust, screamo and half a dozen other sub-genres to create a very personal sound - strongly melodic while remaining loud and unpolished, and with gruffy vocals delivering (in french) disillusioned and introspective lyrics.

Recorded in June 2013 by producer Francis Caste (Kickback, Comity, Hangman's Chair...) at Sainte-Marthe Studio, Sans Éclat is a captivating debut album with a richness and a soul that tend to be hard to find these days.

Sans Éclat will be released on 12" LP this fall by Throatruiner Records and Sieve and Sand Records.