Reviewed! Rabbit Foot - Swamp Boogie

Rabbit Foot

Swamp Boogie

Review by Leo Cloeson

There’s a lot to be said for tradition in music, and there’s a reason that some genres are able to stick around for decades while others need constant reinvention. Usually it’s the more rootsy genres that stick around for longest while pop and rock trends change to move with the times. In the case of Rabbit Foot though, they take a rootsy genre, the blues, and do it slightly differently.

There’s enough familiarity here on Swamp Boogie that blues fans won’t be disappointed by what they hear – all the requisite chords, sevenths, ninths are here, as are some nice guitar solos – but this feels like it’s been distilled somehow, boiled down to its component parts. It makes for an intriguing release, but not always a compelling one. With such sparse instrumentation, there’s only so much Rabbit Foot are able to do in terms of versatility, so what it has in uniqueness from others in the genre, this release lacks in variation.

There are still some strong tracks on Swamp Boogie that stand out from the crowd though. The walking bass line and shuffled percussion of “Smokestack Lightnin’” makes for a strong change of pace, while the best of the guitar work can be found on closer “Down The Road.”

So what we have here are some solid tracks, strong musicianship and an old dog trying new tricks. This makes Swamp Boogie a must for completists, but be prepared for the sound to become more familiar as you listen through.

Grade: B-
Go Download: “Down The Road”