Reviewed! Polaroid 85 - The Escapist EP

Polaroid 85
Escapist EP

By Leo Cloeson

Comprised of four tracks of genuine variation and quality, the Escapist EP, the official debut from Polaroid 85’s after offering the Fuzzy Mornings EP as a free download, makes the band one to watch. The London-based outfit blend so many different genres over the course of these tracks that it’s hard to keep track of, but at no point does it seem like too much.

At its core the Escapist EP is compelling, cinematic electronica with more than a hint of melancholy. But describing it all in once sentence, or even one review, is extremely challenging as it’s difficult to put into words. There are elements of indie, jazz, world music, even pop – each of which become easier to unpick with each listen.

The strongest track here, arguably, is “The Birds.” With a light piano chord opening which brings in a haunting vocal and harmony combination, this is a slow build treat. Towards the end, a string section and drums enter, filling out the sound before falling away for a final, quiet coda. In short, it’s excellent, compelling songwriting.

Beyond that, the glitch openings of “The Fix” and “The Time” turn into strong, full, electro-type tracks, while opener “Rainy Day” has world music stylings that mark it apart from the rest of the EP. All good quality, all well written – the Escapist EP is definitely one that comes recommended for those who like their tunes a bit more left field.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “The Birds”