Reviewed! I Can See Mountains - Life on a Houseboat

I Can See Mountains
Life on a Houseboat
Panic Records

In today’s conclusion-jumping, title obsessed society; it can be easy to pigeonhole bands, typecasting their sound into a specific genre. While not exactly the exception to the rule, Buffalo’s I Can See Mountains seek to throw a monkey wrench into the thought processes, and have done so with their latest release, Life on a Houseboat. From the onset, it’s clear the Queen City boys have a penchant for melody (“One Mirror, Two Bodies,” “Glory”), though it’s quickly evident that Life on a Houseboat is much more than hooky pomp and circumstance. While the band doesn’t shy away from hooks (“Life on a Houseboat,” “I Play the Fox”), their distinctive unification of indie rock and pop-punk is the true driving force of this collection of songs (“Sea Legs,” “Sweater Science”). Expect booming choruses, cohesive musicianship, massive sounds, and, in Life on a Houseboat, expect a record you’ll be glad to keep in tight rotation for the foreseeable future.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “I Play The Fox”