Reviewed! Greg Friedman - Can't Talk Now

Greg Friedman
Can’t Talk Now
Populuxe Records

Though simple and understated in their approach, Greg Friedman and company are able to obtain a layered feel on Can’t Talk Now, an album sated with incandescent indie pop rock that tips its cap to the early part of the 1990’s. This album is a pop smoothie, one that even blends a number of tasty ingredients such as Scissors Sisters-inspired disco sleaze (“Best I Can Do”), Weezer-esque irreverent fun (“Zombies and Cannibals”), and quirky remembrance about a beloved stray dog named Pancake (“Pancake, I Love You”). “Jago” is a nice fit to help close out Can’t Talk Now, a song that would be a perfect accompaniment to the end of anything really. And honestly, any band able to employ the services of famed artists Storm Thorgerson, the man responsible for creating Pink Floyd’s utterly iconic Dark Side of the Moon, The Division Bell and Wish You Were Here album covers, is certainly one worth paying attention to, right?

Grade: B
Go Download: “Zombies and Cannibals”