Reviewed! Eye Ra Haze - Eye of the Storm EP

Eye Ra Haze
Eye of the Storm
Who Music

While comparisons to fellow female fronted hard rock/metal acts are inevitable, it almost doesn’t seem fair to Eye Ra Haze. Though they bear perhaps the closest resemblance to early Flyleaf, this New York quintet offers something different sonically from their counterparts. The band’s latest EP offering, Eye Of the Storm, is driven by strong currents of ominous tones and powerful, haunting melodies, complete with underpinnings of a foreboding darkness (“New Beginning”), an undeniable wall of sound created in part by the stunning output of drummer Kevin Corcoran (ex-Buried Alive) and 8-string guitarist Nicole Papastavrou (ex-Through this Defiance)(“Warships”), as well as an ethereal heaviness that could have easily found a home on Deftones’ Saturday Night Wrist (“Quiet Storm”). Eye of the Storm succeeds in the way EP’s were intended – it leaves you wanting more. And if by the end of this stirring trio of tracks you don’t want to hear more, chances are you weren’t listening closely.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Quiet Storm”