Reviewed! Cosmic Shakedown - Mammoth Sessions EP

Cosmic Shakedown
Mammoth Sessions EP

From the Jack White-esque vocal refrains of opener “Down N Out” to the next-level Wolfmother sound of closing effort “Liars and Thieves,” Cosmic Shakedown’s Mammoth Sessions EP is a bombastic collection of thunderous offerings from the Buffalo, NY quartet. At a mere four tracks, the Mammoth Sessions EP is further proof that good things do indeed come in small packages as this succinct collection bears no shortage of standout cuts. Rays of Black Sabbath devotion permeate the smoky haze of “Tear You Apart,” a sludge-filled trek through the bog accentuated by just-fuzzy-enough, yet aurally stunning guitar leads, commanding vocals and slick key progressions. Touching on virtually everything in rock’s sonic underbelly from Southern and Psychedelic to Stoner and Doom, these Queen City boys present something for just about everyone on the Mammoth Sessions EP.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Tear You Apart”


Anonymous said…
I don’t know, I have a hard time with this. I like Cosmic Shakedown’s music well enough(they’re not bad...nothing earth shaking but not bad) but Tony Nash’s constants screeching screeds about “sheeple” and disgusting conspiracy theories about the Boston Marathon, Newtowne, and 9/11 make me not want to give him any of my money. I know that there should be a separation between art and the artist but it’s really hard in this case.