Reviewed! Blowsight - Life & Death


Life & Death

Eclipse Records

Blowsight’s Life & Death is a strange animal, a chameleon really, one that can change at any turn, and an album that effectively keeps listeners guessing. Combining elements and sounds akin to say, Papa Roach and Avenged Sevenfold, Life & Death is a rollercoaster of sound, one complete with peaks and valleys. On one hand, you get the band at their best, combining aggressive vocals with good range and abrasive riffing (“It’s Me Your Looking For,” “They Whisper,” “This Pain”), but on the other hand, Life & Death offers some material that doesn’t quite fit with the rest (the club-inspired “Blackout Time,” and the all-too-poppy “We All Fall Down” come to mind). Life & Death even proves its worth when the band pares things down a bit (“The Sun Behind the Rain,” “Hit On the Radio,” “Surprise”). Blowsight takes listeners on quite the unexpected ride with Life & Death, one that features a lot of twists and turns, and though at times said ride is bit bumpy, it’s entertaining enough to make it worthwhile.

Grade: C+
Go Download: “Its’ Me You’re Looking For”