Reviewed! Anarbor - Burnout

Hopeless Records

On just their second release Burnout, Anarbor proves that they have the chops to hang with genre flag-bearers All Time Low and Mayday Parade, doing so in their own way – by drinking, partying and all other sorts of rebel-rousing and debauchery. Well, the bad boys of pop-punk have evolved on just their sophomore album, believe it or not.

A certain maturity can be felt in the air on tracks such as the keyboard touched “Freaks,” a track that perhaps lived a previous life in the early 90’s, and closer “Rock To My Roll,” which might be the most refined this band has ever sounded thanks to some well placed ukulele refrains. But, if you’re in it for the hooks, don’t discount any the adult vibes that Burnout might give off, because if you’re here for the hooks, then this album has them in spades (“I Hate You So Much,” “Whiskey In Hell,” “The Damage I’ve Done”).

The problem with Burnout is that, well, to use the most obvious cliché possible, you’ll experience a burnout by albums end, wading through a sea of like-sounding tracks. While the standout tracks do just that, standout, like the ballad “Take My Pain Away” and the brooding “18,” there are portions of Burnout that comes across less memorable than they should. Still, don’t let that scare you off – Burnout is indeed worth a listen, regardless of if you were a fan of the band’s debut full length The Words You Don’t Swallow. Hell, there’s a pretty damn good chance Burnout will be that much more a joy to listen to if you’re new to Anarbor.

Grade: B
Go Download: “Whiskey In Hell”