Reviewed! Oleander - Something Beautiful

Something Beautiful
Cobalt Music Group

Something Beautiful, Oleander’s first release in over a decade, finds the band sounding all things rejuvenated and reenergized, and, in so many words, this is the best the band has ever sounded. If you’re of the close minded camp that thought Oleander hit their apex at the turn of the century with February Son and/or Unwind, then literally, you haven’t seen nothing yet. It’s evident that the bands self-imposed hiatus was time away well spent, as Something Beautiful offers something for fan of all shapes, sizes and tastes, from penetrating aggro-rockers driven by unrestrained riffs (“Fight,” “Something Beautiful”), to radio, and arena, ready brooding ballads (“Until It’s Over,” “Daylight”), and everything in-between (“Bulletproof,” “Never Too Late”). If you’ve ever spent time spinning an Oleander record then you need to immediately listen to Something Beautiful, a record that by no means is a stretch to call the best of their career. When it comes to rock records, Something Beautiful is as solid as they come.

Grade: B+
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